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Information about this website

This website has been designed and developed by:

Gevorg Setiani

Two websites served as inspiration for the idea behind the design. One is the website of an award-winning web-design studio in Paris, France and the other is the presentation web-page of an online business in France.

The images in the background were photographed by me in 2010. They are from the beautiful Christian monastery Haghpat in Armenia's northern Lori region.

The audio tracks are from two different Armenian bands. One is the band Arax from Brussels, Belgium and the other is the GATA band from Yerevan, Armenia. You can click each track title in the audio panel to go to the source file.

This website has been launched in May of 2016

Last update: July 10, 2018

Track Name: Animating repeat icon
DSC Web-Design

About me

I am an Armenian freelance programmer who is engaged in web development. Over the past 17 years I have been involved in computer programming. Initially it were programming languages not related to web development. In later years I began to develop web projects which has become my occupation for more than 7 years now.

During the mentioned 17 years I was also active in photo-realistic 3D visualizations, using various CAD platforms. My experience in this field is helpful to develop design ideas for advanced web development projects.

I have lived in different countries throughout my life which gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn various languages. This knowledge makes it possible for me to develop multilingual websites if needed.
Contact me to learn more about the possibilities.

Gevorg Setiani


My clients range from private individuals to business people who need websites for various purposes. In the past I have developed web projects for clients ranging from personal bloggers to real estate agencies, news magazines, book publishers, e-commerce businesses, travel agencies and others. I offer an all-inclusive web development service.

When needed, clients also entrust me with the maintenance and updating of their website after a project has been finished.

Clients who hire me are able to work directly with a developer who is experienced in designing and programing a web project from start to finish. No part of the project is outsourced. This helps to cut the costs of a given project. There is no involvement of third-party job agencies or for-profit middleman who are not directly involved in the development process.

Working directly with the developer results in swift correspondence replies and the solving of problems on a short notice.

My Clients can continuously monitor the development progress of their project in a secure web area, set up for them personally. They can see and evaluate the project while it is being developed and their feedback helps to steer the work in the desired direction.

Clients who value reliability and seek a cooperation based on trust do enjoy working with me.

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    Translation Offices
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My Work

  • Sample Work

    • Tourism Website Template

      Tourism Website - 3D-Card 1 Tourism Website - 3D-Card 2b Tourism Website - 3D-Card 2a Tourism Website - 3D-Card 3b Tourism Website - 3D-Card 3a

      A multilingual website template developed for a travel agency in Armenia. It was set up to be in four languages but technically it is possible to add more.

      It illustrates the different services and tours which the operator is offering. Furthermore it provides interesting information about Armenia and the regions which can be visited.

      It includes animated maps, photo galleries and media content sections to improve the quality of the presentation.

      An interactive sitemap in the footer section provides an overview of the whole website.

      • Screenshot 3 for Tourisim Website
      • Screenshot 2 for Tourisim Website
      • Screenshot 1 for Tourisim Website
    • Website Project for a Real Estate Agency

      Real Estate Website - 3D-Card 1 Real Estate Website - 3D-Card 2b Real Estate Website - 3D-Card 2a Real Estate Website - 3D-Card 3b Real Estate Website - 3D-Card 3a

      A dynamic website developed for a real estate agency in the USA. It's mobile friendly and adapts to the device in use. It incorporates social media networks for improved visibility on the Internet.

      The website presents interactive galleries for the different homes which are promoted and offers additional information about the surrounding areas. A large slideshow on the frontpage is used to give an impression of the tourist attractions of that area.

      The website offers information about additional services and has a section dedicated to e-commerce.

      The design idea and layout of this project was provided by the client herself. I developed her idea into a working website.

      • Screenshot 3 for Real Estate Website
      • Screenshot 2 for Real Estate Website
      • Screenshot 1 for Real Estate Website
    • Translation Office Website Template

      Translation Office Website - 3D-Card 1 Translation Office Website - 3D-Card 2b Translation Office Website - 3D-Card 2a Translation Office Website - 3D-Card 3b Translation Office Website - 3D-Card 3a

      A Multilingual website template for a translation office in Canada. It was developed according to the principles of a dynamic website.

      The language can be changed on the fly and does not require reloading of the entire website. Even the main slideshow is not interrupted when the language is changed.

      The website presents information about the translation office and all the different services which they offer.

      • Screenshot 1 for Translation Office Website
    • Travel Agency Website

      Travel Agency Website - 3D-Card 1 Travel Agency Website - 3D-Card 2b Travel Agency Website - 3D-Card 2a Travel Agency Website - 3D-Card 3b Travel Agency Website - 3D-Card 3a

      A dynamic website based on WordPress for a travel agency in the USA. It uses a WordPress theme that was purchased for this project. The theme is mobile friendly and hence the layout of the website adapts to the device in use.

      The complicated part of this project was to develop and set up a lengthy request form which collects all the needed information from the traveler. The request form was revised and changed by the client several times until he had his desired result. It offers enhanced presentation of the input fields which encourages the completion of the form by the visitor.

      As a follow-up to the original project, an affiliate program was set up for the website which is being used by partner websites.

      • Screenshot 3 for Travel Agency Website
      • Screenshot 2 for Travel Agency Website
      • Screenshot 1 for Travel Agency Website
    • AutoMotive E-Commerce Website Template

      Automotive Website - 3D-Card 1 Automotive Website - 3D-Card 2b Automotive Website - 3D-Card 2a Automotive Website - 3D-Card 3b Automotive Website - 3D-Card 3a

      A website template based on WordPress for an automotive business. It was designed as an e-commerce solution with Amazon-Shop integration in mind.

      The goal of the project was to present information about the products being offered and to introduce the visitor to the services and activities of the website owner.

      Due to the vast amount of products it was intended to update the product details automatically through a third-party service.

      A small slideshow on the frontpage was used to highlight special offers, services and upcoming events.

      • Screenshot 1 for Automotive Website
    • Design Proposal for a Real Estate Business

      Design Proposal - 3D-Card 1 Design Proposal - 3D-Card 2b Design Proposal - 3D-Card 2a Design Proposal - 3D-Card 3b Design Proposal - 3D-Card 3a

      I designed this template as a sample for a real estate business. The purpose of the project was to promote rental homes and the services offered by the agency.

      The design offers a large slideshow area at the top which can be used to highlight content. Furthermore it offers areas for reviews, advertisement, newsletter subscription and more.

      This design idea can be changed and adjusted to suit a different purpose. It can be turned into a standard website or a WordPres based website, depending on what is needed.

      • Screenshot 1 for Design Proposal
  • Projects and work which I develop and carry out:

    • Custom made dynamic websites for various purposes
    • Websites based on WordPress
    • Multilingual websites for various purposes
    • E-commerce Solutions
    • Email campaign development for marketing purposes
    • Renewal and upgrading of already existing websites
    • Maintenance and updating of existing websites
    • Optimization for improved performance and search engine rankings (SEO)
  • These services can be included in a given project:

    • Design proposals for a new project
    • Graphics and editing work
    • Translation of text content where applicable
    • Mobile friendly methodology to optimize a website for various device types
    • Assistance in registering domain names and hosting provider services
    • Assistance in setting up social media accounts related to the website
    • Installation of the finished web project on a hosting server
    • Installation of analytics services and rating statistics tools
    • Free support for one month after a finished website project has been launched


You can contact me with this form.
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